Native Whitsundays Tree Has Healing Power

November 20, 2014

An entrepreneur from the Whitsundays is harnessing the healing power of a native tree to assist sufferers of skin disorders.

Grace Evans, through her Whitsunday Myrtle body products business, is using essential oils from the Whitsunday Lemon Myrtle as a host to develop her unique products.

“All our products have been designed with love, passion and lots of research,” Grace says.

The development of her products has been greatly assisted by Grace’s father, renowned north Queensland scientist, Dr Faiz Bebawi, who specialises in plants.

“Thanks to my father’s extensive knowledge and expertise on plants, we have been able to refine our products to achieve results in as little as three days, especially for those who suffer with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or have sensitive skin.”

Grace said the Lemon Myrtle, found natively in the rainforest that forms the Whitsunday hinterland, has a very high ‘citrial’ content – even higher than the more well-known members of the same family – tea tree and eucalyptus.

Combined with soothing and vitamin A rich goat’s milk, Grace’s range of body bars have been described by one of her customer’s as “a day spa in a bar”.

Grace said positive feedback and praise from her customers, and in particular customers who have found relief for troubling skin disorders, “is so rewarding”.

“The aim of our business is to spread the good news and see as many customers as possible regain health, vitality and self-confidence through the use of God’s creation. The answers have been with us for generations, and we are taking this knowledge and presenting it in a useable form.”

Grace’s body bar range includes the original Lemon Myrtle soap, as well as other body bars with combinations of essential oils, including lavender, mandarin, eucalyptus, peppermint, black seed oil and a special honey combination.

More information and the complete range is online now at



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