Hi Grace
Thank you so much for your time and inspiring conversation we had in the Whitsundays.
I cannot express how grateful I am with your beautiful gift box of goodies. I am totally sold on the arthritis lotion – it works! I also love the Relief myrtle and the lavender myrtle soap for my head cold and sensitive skin respectively. I feel so clean after a shower without my usual itchiness on my shins. I look forward to trying the others. I cannot believe the arthritis lotion has such an effect straight away so much so that it is more effective than ibruprofen!

Carol Edge September 28, 2015

Tried my first Whitsunday Myrtle bar 12 months ago and haven’t used anything else since. smells great, lasts, cleans well, always fantastic customer service and best of all its all natural. love iiiiit.


james poke August 26, 2015

We received our soap order yesterday. Thank you for being so prompt with arranging this. It is really good to be able to track this via Aust Post too!!

We live in Melbourne and went on a cruise last year from Brisbane to the Whitsundays. We purchased your body bars from the Airlie Beach market. We loved them so much we ordered some last year.

We have run out and now have plenty of supplies. I wanted to let you know that your body bars are great. They smell divine and are of such a high quality!!

Thank you so much for including a small free body bar with our order. Also it was great to have free postage on this order. Thank you very much. It is much appreciated.

We are very happy with the body bars and will continue to use them.

Anonymous August 21, 2015

After our great chat at the Markets we have been using the Miracle Myrtle and “special Molly only” soap and we have seen a gr8 improvement in our 8 year old. Thank you so much for taking the time to interact with her and discuss all options with me.

Toni Robertston August 17, 2015

Hi there,
Came across your product when I was living in north Qld – The Lemon Myrtle Body Bar helps me with a skin irritation. My mum (55) has minor rosacea, started using the the body bar as well and has seen improvements.

Anna Geddes June 26, 2015

Collected my supply of beautiful soap at market this morning from the even more beautiful Grace. Have been using lemon myrtle soap for about 8 months in that time I had about 20 small skin tags on my stomach. Since using there soaps all skin tags have fallen off. It is so refreshing to use, even my 11 year old and 8 year old grandsons are now using nannies soap. Thanks also Grace for the wealth of information you have and your cheerful smile!

Lorrae Dawson May 04, 2015

You’re AMAZING Whitsunday Myrtle , last combination of bars I’ve used on my face over a few months has given me exactly the results I’ve been chasing without the use of any medication. My skin & face feels fresh, is looking and feeling amazing … thank you for using your gifts & talents to create such excellent products!!

Cassandra Faris April 27, 2015

Bought 4 soaps at your stall yesterday tried one last night, amazing !!!

Vicki Bieler April 13, 2015

My 2 year old son Ryan did have eczema , I used Whitsunday myrtle body bar and oil. It has cleaned up.

Tracey Penhallurick March 24, 2015

I am from India and I used the Lemon Myrtle for my face as I got excellent results. So much happy as i got result in 4 days. This is best soap i had ever used. I really love and will use always. Thankyou so much making me so happy . Your products are best.
keep it up :)

aarti rawat March 19, 2015

Whitsunday myrtle your products are simply divine! I used the lemon myrtle and lavender foot soak the other night after a long day on my feet and could literally feel my tired achey feet melt away and becoming a feeling of total rejuvenation – a winner in my books!

Natasha Farmer March 17, 2015

I can honestly say that the Miracle Oil creates healing, growth and awareness to your skin, relaxes and encourages your mind influencing your sensory perceptions as well as nurturing your soul. It is truly light and works very deeply. I announce this is an oil everyone needs to have for their health, well being and overall well being. It’s the best body oil on the planet! Thank you for creating it!

Peta Fordham March 17, 2015

Fantastic! I have loved aromatherapy for over 20 years and know a good product when I see one. Lots of study pays off!! Well done for a high level product that is not just amazing to look at but is high quality.

Trish Harland March 17, 2015

Hi. First off I would love to give a big thank you to you. I only recently found out about your products and to my luck you were in Castletown the following day. I came in and purchased one of your myrtle soaps and all I can say is WOW! I really wish I took a before photo of my skin before using the soap because after 3 days of use the results are amazing!!! So thank you!!! Secondly I was wondering if I could grab a list of products from you that I would be able to use……I am highly allergic to Vitamin E and Collagen, so really sensitive skin that is dry. I am unable to use moisturiser as well. I just saw that you now make a moisture bar ….. and I was wondering if that would work well for my skin? Thank you for your help.

Amy Jewell March 17, 2015

Tonight I met you at Castletown. I would just like to say thank you so much for helping and advising me with my skin. I absolutely love your products and definitely will be buying from you again! Thank You.

Emma March 16, 2015

With your Calendula Myrtle Body Bar, please make this available to everyone as I healed scar tissue with infused Marigold flowers over 20 years ago and I now have a recent scar from a stitching on my right foot…I am looking forward to using it!

Peta Fordham December 03, 2014

Hi Grace, i just wanted to let you know that the Lemongrass Myrtle Body Bar has been so good for my Rosecea. The triggers for my Rosecea include heat, cold, sun, wind, stress, lack of sleep, sugar, cheese, bread, coffee, alcohol, suppressed immune system (hello night shift) and salt. Now, just recently they believe its from the mite species Demodex follicular and a bacterium that lives in their gut. Terrific! I threw away the creams the doctors prescribed because ‘long term use may have undesirable side effects like permanent reddening of the skin’. Your Lemongrass Myrtle soap was a miracle cure for me!

Patrick Burke December 02, 2014

I can honestly say that the Miracle Oil creates healing, growth and awareness to your skin, relaxes and encourages your mind influencing your sensory perceptions as well as nurturing your soul. It is truly a light oil and works very deeply. I announce this is an oil everyone needs to have for their health, well being and overall well being. It’s the best body oil on the planet! Thank you for creating it!

Peta Fordham November 21, 2014

I was part of a cruise ship to Airlie Beach and I happened to go to the markets and came across your stall. I bought the soaps and I absolutely loved them, my shower smelt great! The soaps didn’t dry out my skin. I also bought the Sleepy Room Myrtle and I spray this on my pillow every night. Thank you for making such wonderful products.

Carmen November 17, 2014

Hey there,
I am just writing to show my appreciation to your company. I have had bad acne for a few years now, and since using your products my skin has improved tenfold! It’s great to see that there is a natural skin care products out there that actually work! Words can’t describe how much your product has helped improve my confidence and self esteem. Thanks again for the great products!

Jonathan R November 06, 2014

All the body bars that I have tried leave my skin feeling excellent and looking healthy. I even use the soap on my hair and find that it leaves my hair with body not like the commercial shampoos and conditioners I used to use. I love the Eucalyptus Peppermint Myrtle Body Bar as the scent is invigorating, uplifting and it cleanses the pores of my skin better leaving me moisturised with a ‘freshness’ to my skin. These body bars are a must try, you will definitely notice and appreciate the difference it does for the skin.

Gary Goddard November 02, 2014

I arrived in Airlie Beach with my legs a painful mess from sand-fly attack. Grace advised me which products to use one being the Whitsunday Myrtle Healing Oil and the very next day the pain had gone and healing had started. I love all her gorgeous Lemon Myrtle products and I’m grateful to Grace for her passion to help others.

Marion Kelly October 29, 2014

I absolutely LOVE the Lavender Myrtle bar. The fragrance is absolutely divine and the soap is gentle on even the most reactive skin. I originally purchased the soaps from their stall at the Airlie Beach Markets, and will now be purchasing online :)

Michelle Pownell October 29, 2014

My favorite body bar soap is the Lemon Myrtle it worked wonders on my arms to get rid of a rash I had for 18 months, I cannot do without it now, it is a wonderful all rounder soap I take it traveling overseas always too. Thank you. Grace you’ve done wonders for me and my family.

Julie Finlay October 29, 2014

Love the Lemon Myrtle Body Bar fantastic for bites and stings as well as cleansing and hydrating the skin. Awesome products and you won’t find a more professional hard working person than Grace. A pleasure to do business with Whitsunday Myrtle.

Janine Stewart October 29, 2014

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