I used the sweet orange soap for a week, I had 2 pimples on my chin that never seem to heal. They have now healed completely. I know that sweet orange myrtle body bar is not particularly for pimples and sores but it worked and that’s because it not only contains sweet orange essential oil but lemon myrtle oil as well, and from reading the information on this website, it’s the lemon myrtle that heals pimples and sores and the sweet orange is also an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial, so the combination of the oils gave it the punch my body needed. My husband is using the soap along with the cassia oil for the diffuser and has calmed him lots along with 1 drop of the uplift oil on the soles of his feet before work. He has found himself calmer and with a bit clearer thinking. I would recommend that people just try them at least once. You will be converted!

Kim Larsen October 29, 2014

At 3 months my grandson had a rash over most of his little body. Four local doctors, a skin specialist in Brisbane and a trip to an allergy doctor in Townsville and all recommended steroid type creams. None worked but having spoken with Grace we have seen great results using her soap that she made especially for the little boy. All of our family now use her soaps including my farmer husband and he sees great results as he always has dry and cracked hands from chemicals, grease etc. We are converted!!!

Margaret Penhallurick October 29, 2014

Whitsunday Myrtle Soaps EQUALS no pimples + less scars + smooth skin!!! Once I hit my teens, there is no escape from pimples. I had to stop eating certain foods like CHOCOLATE etc… I went from Olay to Proactiv, and let me tell you they’ve done nothing but worsen my face. At the end of the day, it resulted in loss of confidence. Grace introduced me to her soaps, and every week I saw an improvement. My pimples became less; their size were reduced, and now my scars are disappearing. I use her body bar soaps, and face bar soaps, my pimples on my back have disappeared!! When I say disappeared, literally there is NONE! My friends at school began complementing me of how clear my skin has become.
My family were gradually introduced to Whitsunday Myrtle soaps, my dad, who refused to go into the shower until he was forced to, he has now become addicted to using Grace’s soaps EVERYDAY. He hated soaps because they left his skin dry, and so I left a Whitsunday Myrtle body bar in the bathroom one day for him to try, and now every week he makes sure that we have enough soaps to get through the week.
So anyone who is suffering from ANY SKIN CONDITIONS, just give these soaps a go, because I can guarantee that once you have tried it, you will never go back to using other chemical soaps. They are naturally made by an expert who knows how the skin works and their behaviors. I so love the way I look and feel! Thank you Grace!!!

Hema Supramaniajm October 29, 2014

Beautiful luxurious soaps, very refreshing & our skin felt great after, a quality product which has been greatly researched for therapeutic benefits and not just for a lovely fragrance, I will be buying more soaps and its fantastic to finally be able to buy quality soaps in this area instead of shop soaps that dry the skin. Well done Grace, fantastic product :)

Lyn and Kylie October 29, 2014

Loving these soaps! Love the fragrances and love that they are so nourishing to the skin with no nasty chemicals. The whole family has converted even my boys. A great product!! Highly recommend!! You must try!

Natasha Farmer October 29, 2014

Following years of being instructed by my doctor to use only “non soap” washes on my skin I built up enough courage to try one of the Whitsunday Myrtle soaps. It was lovely on my skin without any drying usually associated with store-bought soaps….and the fragrance was amazing. I can’t wait to try others in the range. The soaps are extremely economical, look and smell great and feel luxurious. It must be all of those natural ingredients in them!

Gloria Evans October 29, 2014

We cannot believe how fortunate we have been to meet Grace and have the opportunity to buy some of her wonderful homemade lemon myrtle soap. Not only do I enjoy its softness and fragrance but my partner appreciates it as well.
Grace has always been very obliging and full of knowledge when it comes to the well-being of her clients. We know that we can recommend Whitsunday Myrtle to all of our friends.
Thank you Grace for looking after us.

Nita and John October 28, 2014

Truly amazing stuff what this homemade product has achieved in my wellbeing particularly my dermal health problems. No more skin irritation and I feel great after having a shower with the lemon myrtle soap. Not to mention that I suffer from pain in my legs but the pain gradually disappears after I soak my feet in relatively warm tub of water added to it “Bath Salts” containing lemon myrtle essential oil, Epsom salt and Mica Mineral. I recommend it to all people with sore feet. More recently I tried one of her potent Whitsunday Myrtle Healing oil to treat some outbreaks of psoriasis and it works. I strongly recommend her products to those who prefer organic products than chemical products.

Faiz Bebawi October 28, 2014

I literally cannot rave enough about how amazing these beautiful products are!! I have very sensitive dry skin and suffer from seasonal eczema through winter. After using the face bar for a week my skin was clearer, calmer and smother. I even receive compliments on how glowing my skin is now. The Body bars are just as amazing, after years of trying to find a shower gel that my skin wouldn’t react to i can say I’ve finally found something. I am no longer itchy, dry or rough.
My Partner who suffers from oily skin and chronic breakouts on his face and back has started using the charcoal bars. The improvement in his skin is out of this world, he now has very little breakouts, his skin tone has evened out and irritation is a thing of the past.
These soaps are a must try, a massive thanks to grace for finally making us feel comfortable in our own skin!

Jess Andrlik October 28, 2014

Thanks for making such unique soap, the lemon myrtle awakens the senses and refreshes the mind as well as the body, I’m addicted! Thanks again.

Julie Finlay October 28, 2014

These products are gorgeous! Even hubby is impressed. After using the body bars, my skin feel lovely and soft and the fragrance is beautiful. You simply must buy some and try for yourself. Well done Whitsunday Myrtle on producing an exceptional product.

Lynnelle October 28, 2014

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