Love this one, Hab-El-Barka Myrtle Body Bar, it’s given me good results with my cutaneous lupus.

Jane Bettridge July 27, 2016

Hab-El-Baraka Myrtle Body Bar, this soap is fantastic!!! Helps with my cystic acne.

Chrisy Woolfe July 27, 2016

I love your products!! My son has eczema and I use either the Precious Myrtle body oil or the Marigold Myrtle body butter cream on him morning and night. The results are amazing! I’m so happy for Michelle and her family, especially her daughter. Yay!!

Kathleen Gould July 22, 2016

Hi Grace

I just would like to let you know how much I love your products. As you know I am addicted to your soaps. I have recently bought your Miracle oil, and I just wanted to let you know that it is really helping me to go to sleep. I have also ordered your night cream, can’t wait to use it!!

Marion Van Lint May 17, 2016

I was recently on holiday at Airlie Beach & purchased a few bars of soap at the Airlie market. I’ve since travelled back home to the states & have been using your beautiful soap daily on my face & body. I had an allergic reaction (to waterproof sunscreen) & after one use of the lemon myrtle body bar I noticed immediate healing of my skin! Thank you so much for creating this healthy product. I can’t bear the thought of living without it!

Kara Pezzimenti May 17, 2016

I love the personal touch that Grace gives when you are making decisions on the products. Loving my introduction to these Natural Products.

Denise Lawson March 22, 2016

Well I brought roughly $100 worth of product for myself and members of my family and I ended up with ONE rose facial spray, which incidentally I haven’t seen in the last few days. The teens have swallowed the lot. I highly recommend the Whitsunday Myrtle products and will be heading back to replenish my supply. Wonderful product❤️wonderful team. Well done

Rae Muscat March 07, 2016

Bergamot Myrtle Body Bar, this is amazing! Bought a bar from you in Townsville and can’t get enough of it! So soothing and calming.

Dani Bakon February 29, 2016

I have been using your pet soap on my gorgeous furry companion ~Mills. Since Sept her fur has thickened, especially on her belly & I only just earned out why? abt 3 hrs ago! It’s the soap ~the only difference in her grooming & food. She no longer kicks or chews her feet and legs. I’m very impressed & I’m sure she is as well, I use the lemon soap (for humans) ~love it…need to stock up!

Veronica Kerridge February 17, 2016

I’m absolutely loving my shampoo bar, but there’s a problem; Lee used it first and he loves it too! So now we need another one ; yet another fantastic Myrtle product. My hair and scalp feel great!

Jane Bettridge February 17, 2016

Fantastic soaps!!! I personally love the body bars and my mother in law swears by the hydrating facial soap. But best of all is the specialised dog soap. My family dog suffers with sever dermatitis. So much so he has allergic reactions to 90% of foods and every washing product – with the exception of the myrtle soap. Not only has he NOT had a reaction to using this product, but his skin has healed. Great service – a business owner who is local, passionate and knows her product. Thanks very much – family and I will be return customers!!!!

Elise Eggerstedt February 02, 2016

Hi Grace, thank you so much for the beautiful, unique soaps you gave my family for looking after your playful dog (in Townsville) before Christmas. They smell devine and the kids LOVE their turtles and toy soaps. I have liked your FB page and will follow and pass on your details to family and friends. All the best and thanks again.

Allison & Geoff Lambert January 13, 2016

I have cutaneous (skin) lupus and have had wonderful results using a combination of the Hab-El-Baraka Myrtle soap and the Healing Oil. Western medicine doesn’t work at all, but Whitsunday Myrtle saves my sanity and my body. Thank you! Absolutely adore the Orange Myrtle soaps that I gave away as gifts on my recent travels too! So good. My luggage smelt divine…

Jane Bettridge January 11, 2016

I saw these at Stockland Nathan Plaza. They smell INCREDIBLE!

Karen Payne December 29, 2015

I bought some soap and oil of joy and night cream, I love it, I’ve tried a lot of things on my face but they always dry my skin out. Whitsunday Myrtle is fantastic everyone needs to try there range fantastic product I’m hooked!

Suzanne Lamb December 21, 2015

Love Whitsunday Myrtle, the soaps are beautiful!

Naomi Smith December 21, 2015

Only had this soap for 2 days and I love it..its beautiful on my skin..and smells lovely as well..thank you!

Beverley Gibbons December 21, 2015

These are beautiful products with a variety of health benefits. Well worth a look into.

Lynn Larkin December 09, 2015

This stuff is Amazing ,I use it, Arthritis Oil it helps the inflammation and relieves the pain. I have tried that many creams that don’t work, worth every cent. The smell is divine. The moisturiser is great too.

Therese Suokallio December 07, 2015

Great news for my skin.

Steve Rushton December 07, 2015

Bought both the Miracle Oil and the Arthritis Oil yesterday … applied last night and this morning was easier to get up and go …. very happy you guys are in town … :)

Lyn Wallace December 07, 2015

You guys came to Mackay not to long ago and I purchased myself some soap and it worked wonderfully on my skin but I found now that I’m out, if I try to use something else my dermatitis gets rather bad and my skin becomes really dry. I’ve noticed the difference in my skin it felt moisturised & a big relief from the itching of the dermatitis.

Angela North October 20, 2015

Hi Grace,

It’s been approximately a month since I’ve started using the Healing oil. The change is amazing. The discolouration on my skin caused by the fungus is back to being one colour, and no more white circle spots. I’ve spent money on pharmaceutical products and they didn’t work at all and they are a complete waste of money. The Healing oil, well, I saw the change took place before my eyes and absolutely worth it. Thank you Grace!

Hema Supramaniam October 09, 2015

Hi Grace, Just wanted to show you how fabulous Scott’s knee looks only 8 weeks after a total knee reconstruction. You advised us to use the ‘Arthritis Myrtle Massage Oil’ to help with inflammation and pain relief. Not only did this help with that but we also attribute the oil to the incredible way the scar has healed so quickly and become almost invisible. A great result. Thank you.

Jennifer McElligott October 02, 2015

Love my soaps and better still the other half who is usually a soap eating monster has now had his for two weeks and it’s going!

Amanda Elliott October 02, 2015

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