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  • I love your products!! My son has eczema and I use either the Precious Myrtle body oil or the Marigold Myrtle body butter cream on him morning and night. The results are amazing! I’m so happy for Michelle and her family, especially her daughter. Yay!!

    Kathleen Gould

  • Hab-El-Baraka Myrtle Body Bar, this soap is fantastic!!! Helps with my cystic acne.

    Chrisy Woolfe

  • Love this one, Hab-El-Barka Myrtle Body Bar, it’s given me good results with my cutaneous lupus.

    Jane Bettridge

  • I still need to try my healing clay soap but my fiance LOVES his charcoal soap, my dogs adored the doggy soap & i loved the sleepy mist :) recommend to all my friends & family – very, very impressed :)

    Shaye Hughes

  • Absolutely love your soaps Grace ,friendliest service.

    Peter Morgan

  • If you haven’t tired this product please do!! You will be very pleased ☺☺

    Helen Fellows

  • Recently I was very privileged to receive a gift of assorted Whitsunday Myrtle products. I have used Whitsunday Myrtle products before and was extremely impressed with their quality. The Soapnut Myrtle Shampoo Bar is just amazing!

    Gloria Evans

  • Miracle Myrtle – This product is brilliant I’ve had a headache for about 3 days a little applied this morning and the headache is gone! I’ve only had the product for a couple of weeks but already seeing the benefits of use. Thanks keep up the good work.

    Genine Mchugh

  • Whitsunday Myrtle Anxiety Oil is amazing! It's pulled me through some tough times in the past year , I am almost out so due for a new one. I couldn't recommend this stuff enough! Its a beautiful soothing smell and i cant live without it!

    Aleisha Batterham

  • I was given some of the Whitsunday Myrtle soaps as a gift, and I love all of them. I have been ordering different body creams and of course more soaps and I couldn’t be happier with my purchases.

    Nancee Jensen

  • Helen

  • I came across this soap product by accident and thought I would give it a try. I absolutely love it,actually feel I have used a soap that really makes you feel refreshed and relaxed. I will definitely be buying more from this wonderful range for myself and friends.
    Bonus is that the company do not test or source products from animals.
    I hope I can find these in Perth or another excuse to go back to the Whitsundays!

    Christine Lewis

  • Love my new day cream, foot revitalise lotion bar and my magnesium sweet orange oil, pampered myself yesterday and slept like a baby. THANKS GRACE you are amazing!

    Lorri Thynne

  • I have been using your lemon myrtle body bar and I just love it. It is long lasting and such a refreshing aroma. My daughter bought some for me at a stall in a Rockhampton Shopping Centre. Please let me know when you will be back to Rockhampton.

    Janet Lawrie

  • These are the most beautiful products I’ve ever tried � i love it when they come to Townsville so that i can stock up on all my favourites… which is almost all of them �

    Elizabeth Teakle

  • Just wanted to tell you, Grace, that not only is my new body oil spray fantastic with visible and dramatic improvement in my very dry skin, my new Soap Nut Myrtle Shampoo Bar after just one use has my dry frizzy hair soft and silky again. So grateful to you for pursuing such brilliant solutions at such reasonable prices. You know my medical situation, so you also know these are miracles for me. No more fancy brands at 5 times the price for me!

    Kerri Andrews

  • I love these products!!! Washing face by creamy bubbles is good start every morning, and healing body at bath in the night. Soaps scent is long lasting. I recommend body butter cream too. Smooth and keep rich moisture skin!

    Hitomi Oikswa

  • A new user, but already absolutely love your products. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, as well as providing exceptional advice and service when we spoke on Thursday. I came back today for more! After just one use of your recommended products there was a huge improvement on a stress skin condition that I was ready to give up on. My husband also loves the products I bought for him. We’ll definitely be back next month.

    Nikki Horton

  • I discovered Whitsunday Myrtle at Palm Creek Folk Festival and was pleased to find a shampoo soap for my psoriasis. It works great and I’ve since added the perfume oils and soaps to my collection. I am a bit obsessed with the lemon myrtle!!!
    I also purchased the soap nuts and now use them weekly on my delicates and office wear. My washing machine is a front loader and I was a bit worried about not seeing lots of suds but my clothes come out clean, fresh and smelling of whatever essential oil I choose! I love that the soap nuts don’t leave a residue and are gentle on my clothes.

    Joanne Crerar

  • Bought some of this Anxiety Oil the other day…had the best nights sleep in ages.

    Christie Maree Polinelli

  • I got the anxiety oil and stuff for Tia to help her sleep better. It’s amazing Tia had the best night sleep and I am so chilled it’s ridiculous.

    Danielle Evans

  • I use the soap and love it, have use the facial oil and love it. Have just tried the facial Clay soap along with the FACIAL toner. AMAZING. I have only use these two products for three days and have seen a hugh but amazing difference to my face, it feels so much cleaner and my pores are less obvious. Will be telling everyone about these products can not recommend them highly enough. AWESOME. Thank you Grace xxxxx

    Lorri Thynne

  • Bought my products last night, great service, & very informative. Thank u.

    Karen Kerr

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    John Doe

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