Memory Myrtle
Weight: 140g

Powerful natural oils that improve memory, brain function and neurological development while at the same time helping ease discomfort, aggression and anxiety. 

Memory Myrtle Body Bar

A shea butter vegetable soap with lemon myrtle, cinnamon, rosemary and sage essential oils. Memory Myrtle contains natural antioxidants that may slow down aging, boost brain performance assisting with memory loss, forgetfulness and dementia. This bar may assist in restoring memory, focus, clarity and concentration. Whitsunday Myrtle vegetable soaps help to soften and hydrate the skin, retain moisture and are non-irritating and hypoallergenic.


Coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, castor oil, safflower oil, glycerine, aqua, shea butter, sorbitol, sorbitan oleate, soybean protein, mica minerals, lemon myrtle (Backhousia citridora), rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis),  sage (Salvia officinalis) and Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum) oils.

Properties and Uses

Lemon Myrtle is an antiseptic, anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, calmative, sedative and corrective. The plant is an astringent (causing the contraction of skin cells and other body tissues) with antioxidant and antigenotoxic activities that may be chemo-preventative. The essential oil contains alpha-pinene, cineole and myrtenol and is used for asthma coughs, sore throats, common cold, influenza, bronchitis, indigestion, molluscum contagiosum (a viral infection of the skin or occasionally of the mucous membranes), warts and herpes simplex. Source details.

Sage oil is a sister herb to rosemary. It is believed that the sage oil acts by helping the neurotransmitters in the brain to work better while enhancing concentration and attention span and improving memory, giving mental stability and alertness. Source details.

Rosemary contains an ingredient that fights off free radical damage in the brain. This active ingredient, known as carnosic acid (CA), can protect the brain from stroke and neuro-degeneration that is due to toxins and free radicals which are thought to be one of the contributors to stroke and conditions such as Alzheimer's and dementia.

Cinnamon boosts the activity of the brain and hence acts as a good brain tonic. It assists in removing nervous tension and memory loss. Cognitive tests revealed that subjects who used cinnamon had better memory functions and could process information more quickly. 

Shea butter is an all-natural oil, extracted from the wells in the fruit of the African Butter Tree. Although this oil is sometimes used for cooking, it is now widely used in the cosmetic industry. Shea butter soap is an extraordinary all-natural skin care that really changes uneven toned skin. The benefits of Shea Butter Soap are:

  • It is moisturising without clogging pores;
  • It is gentle enough to use on babies and sensitive skin;
  • Shea butter has natural UV protection;
  • Helps fight skin diseases such as acne, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis;
  • Shea butter soap is used to reduce all types of scars;
  • It is soothing for burns;
  • It is beneficial for fighting wrinkles and stretch marks.

Shea butter is packed full of nutrients including vitamin A and E. Vitamin A helps in the reconstruction of skin cell damage and Vitamin E is an antioxidant helping keep skin safe from harmful free radicals. In addition, the skin readily absorbs the Shea butter without leaving an oily surface on the skin.  These ingredients make Shea butter an anti-inflammatory, which is why it works so well at moisturising and soothing all types of skin.

Skin Benefits

Regular use of these soaps provides amazing benefits to all skin related issues such as sensitive, troubled or normal skin, fungal infections, acne, oily and congested skin.  Memory Myrtle also assists with bites and stings, and to soften, hydrate and tighten skin.

Author's Comments

This bar was designed for those with dementia. After showering with this bar, apply either frankincense pure essential oil or rosemary pure essential oil, 5 drops mixed with 10ml of coconut oil. Once mixed, place some of the oil on the pads of your fingers and massage well into the scalp. This will assist in providing clarity and improving memory.

Please remember that anything discussed here does not constitute medical advice and cannot substitute for appropriate medical care. No therapeutic claim is made or intended for any of Whitsunday Myrtle products; information is for educational purposes only. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Consult with your physician at all times.

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