Aloe Vera Unscented Body Bar


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Our one and only unscented bar of soap loaded with only the best! Aloe Vera known as a healing plant, miracle plant, burn plant, first-aid plant, lilly of the desert, jelly leek and plant of life. It possesses the most remarkable healing properties! 

A hypoallergenic gentle and soothing soap designed for extreme sensitive skin and children. Also suitable as a hydrating face bar. Aloe barbadensis is a plant that is naturally rich in antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

It has vitamins A and C present which may assist with treating burns, irritated or dry skin. It naturally hydrates due to its gel-like components of the plant. This is a very soothing gentle soap suitable for babies, extreme sensitive or dry skin. It has a creamy texture leaving your skin smooth to the touch!

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