Day Myrtle Face Cream
Weight: 50g

A gentle eye and face cream rich in Vitamin B, containing fatty acids found in lecithin, restores suppleness preventing moisture loss leaving skin smoother, younger and more elastic.

Day Myrtle Face Cream

The term lecithin refers to a mixture of phospholipids and oil. Phospholipids are a component of the cell membrane in all plants and animals, however, its role is to breakdown the fats in the body. Lecithin is most often derived from sunflower kernels, rapeseed (canola), milk, soy and egg yolks and is naturally found in foods that we eat most such as egg yolks, soybeans, grains, wheat germ, liver, cauliflower, fish, legumes, yeast and peanuts.

High in fatty acids, lecithin enhances the appearance of dry and damaged skin by reducing flakiness and restoring suppleness, it alters the skin structure allowing other substances to penetrate deeper into the epidermis. As an antioxidant it helps to repair free radical damage, soothe inflamed or irritated skin. It attracts water to the skin, working to prevent moisture loss from deep within the skin tissues and lastly it is very moisturising, which is due to its high levels of oleic and linoleic acid.

At Whitsunday Myrtle we use lecithin to stimulate collagen and wound healing as well as has an effect to bind moisture to the skin and allow the essential benefits to penetrate deep. Skin will feel smoother, supple, silky, younger and more elastic.

Aloe Vera gel is made up of around 96% water, some organic and inorganic compounds, a type of protein which contains 18 of the 20 amino acids found in the body and also Vitamin A, B, C and E. One of the most crucial elements found in aloe vera gel is a complex carbohydrate known as Acemannan which allows nutrients to reach the cells, nourish them and at the same time relieve them of toxins.

Apricot kernel seed oil is light and gently moisturises skin, we use this to balance oily skin and hormone reactive skin.

Black Cumin Seed oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin B and C, Zinc, Calcium and Potassium.  Black Cumin seed oil hydrates, moisturises and lubricates skin, it promotes supple, soft and smooth skin, heals parched and chapped skin. It enhances skin cancer protection has antioxidant protection from UV damage and lastly it maintains lipid barrier function while boosting cell renewal.

Bergamot essential oil soothes skin irritation, cleanses oily skin, kills germs and bacteria, promotes healthy clear skin, used to minimise the look of scars and other marks on the skin, it tones the skin by making the supply of melanin even,  also known to build confidence and enhance moods.

Lemon Myrtle also a powerful astringent, high in concentration of citral in its leaves. Citral comprises 90-98% of the essential oils in lemon myrtle, as opposed to less than 10% in lemons and limes.

Research by the Charles Sturt University (Wagga Wagga, New South Wales) demonstrated that the essential oil of Lemon Myrtle is more anti-bacterial and anti-fungal than that of Tea Tree oil. We use this in our Day Cream to assist with acne breakouts.


Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citridora) Waters, Bergamot (Citrus bergamia), Aloe Vera Gel, Apricot Oil, Blackseed Oil, Almond Oil, Candelilla Wax, Lecithin, Vitamin E, Zinc Oxide and Tapioca.

Authors Comments

A powerful cream to protect the skin from sun damage, assist with puffiness and wrinkles, will hydrate, replenish, repair skin and balance the skins moisture. Rich in essential fatty acids of Omega 3 and Omega 6, Vitamins E and K along with antioxidants, this combined with lecithin which as the ability to penetrate the epidermis and carry the nutrients to the right cell level leaving skin feeling smooth, supple and silky.

Please remember that anything discussed here does not constitute medical advice and cannot substitute for appropriate medical care. No therapeutic claim is made or intended for any of Whitsunday Myrtle products, information is for educational purposes only. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Consult with your physician at all times.

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