Magnesium Myrtle Body Bar


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Magnesium is a vital nutrient for regulating many body processes, including muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels and blood pressure. This gentle magnesium soap is non irritating and hypoallergenic designed to compliment your everyday muscle use by hydrating skin and may assist to relieve muscle tension. Also suitable for active persons in sports or the likes or whom have itchy or irritated skin as a result of outdoor bites.

Suitable for exercise enthusiasts who suffer the effects of muscle cramps or spasms. Assists those with ongoing fatigue, fibromyalgia, neuropathy,  and general well-being. Magnesium chlorides function is to assist body systems particularly muscles and nerves. This bar compliments our magnesium oils and creams.

Whitsunday Myrtle vegetable soaps help to soften and hydrate the skin, retain moisture, are non-irritating and hypoallergenic.

Vegetable derived soap base with key ingredients, aqua, glycerine, sorbitol, sodium laurate, sodium stearate, magnesium chloride, lemon myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) essential oil.

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